The Concierge app

Travel planning is not simple, especially when the destination is an ancient tourist attraction. There are many places to visit but you do not know where to start! The Concierge app is one of New Line Tech's work examples in the App Development field for Fandaqa company, it was released in 2017. Concierge is not just an app, it is the first social network dedicated to tourism and paves the way for tour guides around the world to arrange your trip, determine your travel destination, and arrange reservations. You can join as a tour guide and gain money from your posting, and if you are an agent or a tourist office, you can join the application as a service provider and use Concierge to sell and manage your reservations and communicate with customers. Among the features of the application is also that there is a bag button in order to save the packages that you want to reserve. There is also a favorite button to save your favorite tourist destinations and because the weather is an important factor in determining the destination, it was provided in the application for you to know the weather at your next destination.